Personalized Mood Board for Roof Colors

Personalized Mood Board For Roof Colors

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Did you know your roof makes up 40% of the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior?

From various options of colors and textures, finding the perfect combination will play a key role to characterize your home and highlight your identity and fashion.

So how do you choose a roof color that makes your personality stand out while matching the exterior design elements? The good news is, we are here to guide you through creating the perfect mood board for your roof.

Mood Boards:

To discover your style in the easiest and most inexpensive way is to create a home exterior mood board to find the perfect color for you.

What is a Mood Board?

Mood boards capture the colors, textures and patterns that reflect your style and help you come up with a final design.

Mood boards are a collection of color matches that catch your eye. When looking through color schemes you may see that you are attracted to soft, pastel colors. Or you may discover bright, bold colors are more your thing. Taking time to discover different options will help you realize there are various combinations that you didn’t know you would ever like.

Mood boards help you to:

  • Experiment color combinations before investing money
  • See what colors work and don’t work together
  • Discover your aesthetic

Here are some examples from Korrect

Using a Mood Board to Design Your Roof

Creating a mood board will prepare you to be confident in the colors you choose, making it simpler when discussing your vison with a professional contractor. 

Here are five steps that explain how to start a mood board and offer suggestions on interpreting your mood board and applying it to your exterior design projects.

Inspiration for Your Mood Board

Begin with finding pictures or objects that affect your emotions in a good way and resemble you.

As your mood board expands, look for trends, colors, and patterns that you find yourself coming back to. Your completed mood board will lead you to your overall theme such as:

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Classy
  • Traditional
  • Vintage

Apply style from your mood board to the exterior of the home

While looking over your mood board, be considerate about where you would use your final colors, patterns, and textures. Before making any decisions, visualize the surface area and where you want each color to go.

In other words, Siding and brick both cover a large portion of your home. However, trim and doors take up a smaller amount if you can’t get over your favorite bright yellow.

Use Your Mood Board for Roof Design

Explore roof colors that resemble the hues you love. Roofing shingles would be a great choice mainly, if you are looking for multi-dimensional colors, they will help tie in all the elements from your mood board.

While browsing through the selection below, look for those that capture the theme and colors of your own design, whether it’s a mix of colors or a single shade with a variety of tones.

Share Your Mood Board with Your Roofing Contractor

Save a picture of your completed mood board, so it’s always available when meeting with contractors or even to go décor shopping.

When planning a roof replacement, work with a trusted and experienced professional like those at Korrect Roofing in Fort Worth.

Pro Tip: Don’t settle for choosing from limited product or color selections presented to you during a sales process. Instead, do your research first so you already know what’s available in your area.

Contact Korrect Roofing for a free roof inspection today.

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