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How Much Hail Damage For Insurance To Replace Roof?

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How much hail damage for insurance to replace roof? What size of hail causes damage? If you have wondered about these questions, you’re not alone.

Hail storms can cause devastating damage to residential roofs. Often demanding costly repairs or even replacement. If you have insurance coverage, it may help offset the costs of fixing a hail-damaged roof. But how much hail damage do you need for insurance to replace your roof? Read on for all the information.

Determining The Severity Of Hail Damage

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The severity of hail damage varies depending on the hailstones’ size, frequency, and density. For asphalt shingles, hailstones larger than 1 inch in diameter are more likely to cause damage, while for clay or concrete tile roofs, even smaller hailstones can cause breakage.

Often times after a hail storm, there may be some water damage due to cracks or holes in your roof. Our company offers a 24/7 water and fire damage restoration service.

Signs Of Hail Damage On A Roof 

  • Physical signs of damage, such as dents or holes in the shingles. 
  • Check any missing or damaged granules on the shingles. 
  • Any cracks or splits in the shingles.

How To Prove Hail Damage On A Roof?

A visual inspection and collection of documents are required to prove hail damage to the roof. Steps you can take to document hail damage on your roof:

1: Conduct a visual inspection: Thoroughly check your roof for any visible signs of damage, like dented, cracked or broken shingles, granule loss, and indentations.

2: Take photos: Take clear photos of the damage from different angles. Must include close-up shots and broader shots that shows the extent of roof damage.

3: Document the date of the hailstorm: Compile the records or photos of the hailstorm. This will help establish the timing and severity of the storm.

4: Get a professional inspection: Must hire a professional roofer to thoroughly inspect your roof along with a written report documenting the damage.

5: Obtain estimates for repairs: If the inspection confirms that there is hail damage, obtain written estimates for the cost of repairs from a reputable roofing contractor. It is not always necessary to replace the entire roof. Sometimes repairing a portion of the roof is more cost effective and we can help with that. 

6: Contact your insurance company: Provide your insurance company with documentation of the damage and the estimated cost of repairs, and file a claim for coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy. The Texas Department of Insurance has some tips about what to do after a hail or wind storm.

Hailstone Size And Shape

The size and shape of hailstones that can damage a roof depend on several factors, including;

  • the type and age of the roof material, 
  • the angle of the roof, 
  • the wind speed and direction during the storm. 

Hailstones that are larger than three centimeters can cause damage to an asphalt shingle roof. Irregular-shaped hailstone causes more damage than round or smooth hailstones.

What Is Considered Hail Damage?

Hail-hitting your roof causes multiple issues like dents, broken tiles, and granule loss. When it comes to insurance coverage for hail damage, certain levels indicate when a new roof would be needed:

  • Loss of more than 20% of granules from shingles
  • Large chunks or pieces of shingles missing
  • More than ten individual dents the size of a quarter
  • Multiple soft spots from the hail’s impact on your roof’s surface materials
  • Holes in the roof due to hail impact

If your roof has sustained any of these damages, consider replacing your roof through an insurance claim.

How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

The cost of a roof inspection can vary depending on several factors, including;

  • the size and complexity of the roof, 
  • your location, 
  • the roofing company. 

However, on average, a roof inspection can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

Our company has earned a reputation as being a leader in the roofing industry. We are happy to provide free roofing inspections. Check out our roofing service page for more information.

Some roofing companies offer a free inspection as part of their services. However, ensuring that the company is trustworthy and not using the inspection to pressure you into unnecessary repairs or upgrades is essential.

roof repair from hail damageConclusion

In short, the amount of hail damage to a roof required for insurance to replace it varies from carrier to carrier. Your best bet for getting a new roof is to find an experienced, trustworthy contractor who can accurately assess the damage.