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Dream Bathroom Makeover DFW

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Changing the appearance of a bathroom does not have to be costly, but it can be if you are not cautious. The costs can quickly add up if you do not take the necessary precautions to avoid critical issues during the process, from the initial planning to the final touches.

By following these steps, you will most likely add significant value to your home while recouping the majority of the remodel costs. Bathroom renovations rank among the top ten best home improvement projects for return on investment, with 71 percent of the renovation cost recouped, according to Money.com.

Here are some suggestions to help you finish your bathroom remodel successfully.

Making and double-checking a list
If you understand what you need and want in your new bathroom design, you will have a better idea of how to achieve your vision.

You must be able to distinguish between functionality and aesthetic, but this list will help you visualize the possibilities of your new bathroom and create an ideal remodeling scenario.

From there, you can factor in realism and decide which aspects of your vision you can afford. You can begin looking for reasonable alternatives to your ideal vision once you’ve determined what you can and cannot achieve financially.

For example, you might want tile but cannot afford it. However, there are laminate and luxury vinyl options that simulate tiling at a lower cost.

If the cost of a vanity replacement is prohibitively expensive, you may need to save as much as possible.

According to RemodelingCosts.org, the vanity is the most expensive aspect of any bathroom remodel because it includes cabinets, countertops, a faucet, and a sink.

When replacing fixtures, such as a water-saving showerhead or faucet, can be a cost-effective option. Each step brings you one step closer to realizing your design vision.

If it is affordable, painting the bathroom can be an easy and practical step toward a new look.

When it comes to home improvement projects like bathroom remodeling, your social circles can be an unexpected source of information. Speaking with trade professionals and handy people you know can provide you with valuable second-hand information. 

Homeowners can now use social media to get recommendations from trusted, proven, and experienced designers, contractors, remodelers, and other trade professionals. You can compare bids on bathroom remodeling projects and read reviews that provide accounts of professionals’ experiences, giving you insight into who to hire and who to avoid.

Understanding potential costs in advance will allow you to plan and stick to a budget. One of the quickest ways to go over budget on a remodeling project is to become entangled in costs that your contractor did not account for when estimating project costs.

You can consult with your trade professional during the planning stages to ensure that all remodel options are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Prior to the start of any work, you should be an active and vital part of the planning process, while they select pieces that fit both your design vision and price range.

Furthermore, your trade professional can assist you in identifying any costs that can be completely avoided. For example, if your pro recommends relocating bathroom fixtures such as the tub, toilet, or vanity, you should inquire as to why in order to determine whether it is truly necessary.
Tile costs can quickly add up, so incorporating an accent piece into your design may be cost-effective.

Accent tiles in a tile design that runs up an entire wall to the ceiling can also be a cost-effective way to add a waterproof surface while saving money on more extensive tile coverage.

Purchasing bathroom necessities
Bathtubs, toilets, and sinks are all important parts of the bathroom experience, and staying involved in the selection process allows you to keep control over the cost and quality of these items.

This requires some planning and research. Before deciding on the best option for your design and budget, you must conduct extensive research.

The delivery of these products should also be coordinated with the timeline of your bathroom renovation. You don’t want to get to the installation stage and not have your trade professional ready. You and your pro should agree on a clear and written payment schedule.

While the end result is exciting and the prospect of work is daunting, the process necessitates diligence and patience. While you and your trade professional work to design the perfect bathroom, you must be clear about your expectations and financial constraints.