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Tips on Preventing Foundation Damage

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Foundation damage is one of the most difficult house issues to deal with: it’s costly, time-consuming and draining to spearhead. You can’t ignore it since your entire house structure would be at risk.

Korrect General Contracting, your reliable home foundation repair company, discusses ways to prevent major foundation issues in the first place.

Refrain From Planting Trees or Shrubs With Wild Roots

Roots from trees and shrubs retain moisture in the soil during dry season and that could result in a sinking or settling foundation. You’ll have to deal with an uneven foundation. And its effects include cracked windows and frequent door jams. The best solution is prevention by having a garden with plants that grow short or shallow roots and placing trees a few feet away from your home.

Have Your Yard Graded

Poor soil excavation causes water to surge towards your house’s base and seep through the foundation walls. Your basement is in danger of water damage when this occurs and it would lead to time consuming repairs. To avoid the hassle of water issues, have an expert grade your yard at least six to ten inches away from your house. As a full service general contractor, we offer excellent grading services for your home.

Get a Downspout Extender

Gutters effectively get rid of rainwater stuck on your exterior roof surface. Your roof may be safe but your foundation and landscape will suffer without a downspout extender. This gutter addition leads water away from your house more effectively.

Keep Your Lawn Damp During Drought

Without sprinklers, your soil would dry out during summer and expand in the next rain. Its rapid expansion would put stress on your foundation walls, causing them to crack or heave. You should have an automatic sprinkler system outside your house to keep your lawn constantly damp and healthy.

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