The most important aspect of your home . It also is typically the least inspected when building a home. I can think of only one time that I had to make repairs on a foundation preplacement  on the approximately 100 homes I built. No inspector or engineer when the concrete is placed or finished will come back to check if the cables have been tightened. So, having said all that, it is up to you to take care of your foundation. What is the one item most builders try to keep out of your home in every aspect? Moisture. With a slab, this isn’t necessarily true. Yes, a slab leak is bad, but in many instances, the leak is caused when the foundation moves. The reason the foundation moves is……..not enough moisture. Its pretty simple. With a drought, your soil shrinks, compacts and this is when you see the big cracks in your yard and in your home. When it rains or when you water, the soil expands. Finding a good balance between the 2 will help your foundation last. The first step is to keep the moisture around your foundation equal. You will need more moisture on the west side of your home than the east side for example because the sun will be on the west side longer and the east side will be shadowed most of the day especially in the heat of the summer. This will most likely take you a couple weeks to get the correct balance but is definitely worth the time and the few extra bucks on your water bill.

A sprinkler system is obviously the easiest way to manage this but simple water hoses and inexpensive sprinkler heads can also do the trick. Either way, is far more inexpensive then having to get your foundation repaired. Most likely, if you have foundation problems, you also have drywall cracks, tile or wood floor cracks or spacing, window and or door issues and maybe even frame problems. If you feel you are having any of these issues, give us a call for a free foundation inspection. If you do need work, we will not only be able to repair your foundation, but also your other home needs and also be able to show you where you need to manage the moisture around your foundation to prevent any more damage to your home.