No Repair is too small

Even a small defect in the roofing system can cause leaks which over time will cause wood rot and structural damage. Finding the right roof repair company is the first step. Many roof repair companies offer fast and cheap services, but they don’t necessarily fix the problem correctly. There are many things to consider if you are going to find a roof repair company that you can trust with your home. You may spend a little more to work with a reputable firm, but the more experienced and skilled repair companies are more likely to offer warranties and stand behind their work. You should always make sure there is a warranty on the roofing repairs which should include workmanship and materials. A simple manufacturing warranty will not cover a roofing repair that is done improperly or insufficiently.​

Replacement of shingles is one of the easiest roofing repairs that can be performed. Weathering is almost always the cause, whether it's from an adverse event such as a severe storm where hail damages shingle surface or high winds which can rip off large sections of shingles. Curled shingles can be heated during cold weather to be straightened. In warm weather, curled shingles may simply be bent back into shape. Singles that are split, missing most of their surface granules or otherwise damaged should be replaced with proper adhesive and possibly nailing the pieces into place.


When the roofing system is faulty it can cause moisture to reach the decking. Over time this will cause wood rot and can lead to costly interior damage. This is a very inexpensive repair that can save you multiple headaches in the future.​


Wind damage is one of the most common roof repairs, especially in neighborhoods where builder grade roofs are installed. Displaced shingles will expose your roof and lead to larger  issues.


A compromised roof will leak through the attic and onto your ceiling and through the walls. This can lead to sheet rock and electrical repairs. This moisture will be hard to dry out and can lead to costly mold issues.

types of roof that we repair/replace

Asphalt Shingle








Torch Down