We are not only a roofing company but a full service general contractor
who assumes an advisory role in the insurance claims process.

WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY: Korrect General Contracting provides a five year workmanship warranty for your roof. This is more than double the industry standard. This will also include a manufacturers warranty that may be lifetime depending on the product that you choose. We will provide all of the documentation and guidelines to secure your manufacturer's warranty.


OSB roof sheathing is manufactured for extra stiffness to provide a strong platform for any conventional roofing material. Radiant Barrier OSB is also available upon request. This is designed to reflect up to 97% of the sun's radiant heat – and keeping it from being absorbed into the attic of your home. That means you can maintain indoor comfort while lowering cooling energy consumption.


Ice and Water shield is a peel and stick product that adheres directly to the roof deck. It forms a water-proof barrier where ice most often builds up on the eaves edge. It is also commonly applied in the valleys of a house as well as around any roof protrusions including; chimneys, pipe boots, roof vents and skylights. It is composed of two waterproofing materials, a rubberized asphalt adhesive combined with a polymeric film. It has temperature resistance as high as 240 degrees F.


Felt paper is an important piece of the roofing puzzle. As warm moist air rises, it passes through the sheet rock ceiling in your home and up through the attic.  The felt paper allows the moist air to pass through, but if some of the moisture condenses on the underside of the shingle, the felt paper keeps that condensed moisture from touching the wood.  If the condensed moisture were to be in contact with the wood, over time the wood will be damaged.


While roofing shingles come in a variety of materials and designs, they certainly serve a practical purpose. Roofing shingles provide a protective layer over the plywood sheath that is the base of your roof. Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. These elements are typically flat rectangular shapes laid in rows from the bottom edge of the roof up, with each successive higher row overlapping the joints in the row below.​


One of the most critical factors in a roof system's durability is proper ventilation. Without it, heat and moisture build up in an attic area and combine to cause rafters and sheathing to rot, shingles to buckle, and insulation to lose its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important never to block off sources of roof ventilation, such as louvers, ridge vents or soffit vents, even in winter. Proper attic ventilation will help prevent structural damage caused by moisture.


The drip edge is important to create a finished look and provide waterproofing. Drip edge improves the efficiency of water shedding at the edges, pushing the water away from the home and protecting the underlying wood. It also guards against the movement between the decking and the fascia boards. It must be corrosion resistant and applied directly to the deck under the eaves and on top of the felt paper where the rakes are located to keep wind driven rain from reaching the deck.

Types of Roofing That We Replace

Asphalt Shingle








Torch Down