If you suspect any type of damage to your roof, we will provide you a FREE inspection of your roof.

Once we inspect your roof and assess the damage, the homeowner will need to:

1. Call your insurance company to make a claim and make an appointment with an adjuster.

2. Notify your KORRECT REP of the appointment time (the adjuster will come out and evaluate exterior damages and any interior damage that may have resulted in the roof breach.)

3. When your claim is approved, your insurance company must pay the claim within 5 business days (an additional 15 days may be taken if weather-related) after they notify you they have accepted your claim. (The insurance company must tell you in writing why your claim or part of your claim was rejected.)

Remember, you have the right to have your home repaired by the repair person of your choice. Don’t be scared by Insurance Companies! So many homeowners are led to believe certain things if they submit a home-owners insurance claim. We will help answer your questions to what you’ve heard.