Take Advantage of Our Design / Construction Teams

The average do it yourself home re-modeler makes the (often untrue) assumption that they can save money by managing their remodeling projects themselves. They turn to random resources referred by untrustworthy sources, like the internet or telephone book, and work without the aide of knowledgeable representatives to pick out materials. With no history with or knowledge of installers and their reliability or willingness to work with other trades, homeowners are forced to leave their remodeling projects to chance or attempt labor and installation themselves. Without a general contractor to oversee the remodeling project and tie the phases of the project together, there is no organization or integrated plan; costing homeowners valuable time and energy.  Also, because there’s no history – or future – between the average homeowner and the vendors, installers and subcontractors, the customer has no leverage to use to negotiate prices, encourage speedy completion or uphold the standard of quality workmanship. Although using a licensed home remodeling general contractor to manage the project generally seems to increase the cost, not using a home remodeling contractor typically increases the length of construction and results in headaches from dealing with the scheduling, coordination and timing of the different remodeling trades associated with any given home remodeling project.