We are not only a roofing company but a full service general contractor

When you decide to do a home remodel, restoration project or just undertake a home repair that involves using the services of a contractor you can either become the general contractor yourself, providing you are the home owner, or you can hire a general contractor to oversee the project and take on the headache for you. Most homeowners find it easier to have a licensed service provider run the project for them since that is what we do for a living.

        Any job that involves remodeling, restoration or repair is going to be extensive and involved. A simple remodel can involve using an electrician, plumber, framer, and a painting contractor, just to name a few of the possible contractors that may be involved. Someone has to coordinate these contractors to keep them on schedule. A painting contractor can't do his part of a job until the sheet rock has been installed and you don't want your floors laid just before the painting is done. If anything goes off schedule anywhere in the chain the whole schedule has to be adjusted accordingly. Plus supplies must be ordered and paid for, permits must be obtained, and every subcontractor has the potential to have employees of his own that he has to pay. It can be very overwhelming for a homeowner to handle on their own.